Announcing is a forthcoming open access art history journal that seeks to intersect the academic and public realm by providing a platform for the free interchange of ideas between people, regardless of where they are on their academic or professional journey.
The journal is founded on three core beliefs:
Everyone has something valuable to say about art and its history.
The digital age is transforming how the historical narrative of art is being told.
Research and ideas should be openly shared.
The journal is seeking submissions on any aspect of the history of art for its Summer 2014 release. A quarterly print edition of the journal comprised of content from the website chosen by the editor will be released in September 2014.
Submissions can be made by filling out the Submissions Form. Let’s narrate the story of art together through new perspectives and rich interpretations.
More information about the journal’s mission, content, and staff can be found by navigating to the About page.

"You can make about 75% more money with a cat on your head than you can with a cat on your shoulder."
“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.”

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